Best Places across the World

Every place country, city, town has their particular specialties in different things like food, adventure, festival, etc. Food in Paris, Luxury hotels in Berlin which means luksus hotel i Berlin in Danish, Elephant ride in Bali, etc are very famous.

Croatia,The beautiful coastline along the Adriatic Sea. China, The Great Wall of China. Attractions of Argentina include the cobbled streets, restaurants and café's of Buenos Aires
, the colonial architecture of Cordoba, the beaches at Mar del Plata, the expansive pampas grasslands and the stunning Iguazu Waterfall surrounded by tropical rainforest. Italy, Roman country has wonderful places like the Vatican City, the Forum, Coliseum, Trivia Fountain, churches, museums, cafes and restaurants.

Statue of Liberty and Times Square in New York, White House in Washington DC, Vanish city of love are the main tourist attraction. New York is the USA’s largest metro area. The city is a great center for fashion, culture, finance, research, media, food, art, and trade. According to most of the travelers, Taj Mahal, most beautiful building, in India is one of the great wonders of the world. This is a hybrid of many artistic styles.

Uluru or Ayers Rock in Australia is one of the world’s great natural wonders. Planning to visit this place is a great way to explore and experience the cultural and physical significance of this Australian icon. Sydney is the economic powerhouse of Australia. The place is full of sun-drenched natural attractions, delicious and daring restaurants, dizzy skyscrapers, friendly folk and wonderful shopping.

World’s longest beer garden is in Berlin. Beer festival, beer garden and luxury hotels in Berlin luksus hotel i Berlin are the main attractions. Money is not less but the service provided by them is really appreciatable.

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